Summerland 2020: New Beginnings

Summerland 2020 will be virtual

Because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Camp Clifton will not be opening during summer 2020, and as such we’ve been forced to cancel the Summerland Festival as an in-person event. However, we know that Summerland is a deeply-loved part of your summer, as it is ours. Three Cranes Grove has a long history of doing our work of druidry through the internet, and we’re playing to our strengths in proposing a virtual festival.

We’re still hashing out the details, but we’re currently envisioning a one-day schedule of festivals on Saturday, August 15, kicked off by an ADF-style unity ritual the night before, and ending Saturday night with bardic performances from festivalgoers wherever they may be. It won’t be the same, but we’re hoping that it helps to fill a bit of the gap, and reminds us all of the magic of festival until we meet in person again.

Presenters: apply now!

We continue to accept applications for presenters at the 2020 festival, which will now be entirely virtual. For more information, and to apply, visit the call for presenters.


Please stay tuned for more information on registering for our virtual festival.

About the Summerland Festival

Summerland Festival is a long-standing Pan-Pagan Festival held every August at Camp Clifton, near Yellow Springs, Ohio. The folk are welcome to enjoy a variety of workshops, children’s activities, bardic open mic, and socialization, with the festival culminating with the main ritual on Saturday, followed by a pot luck dinner. Every year, there is music, laughter, and fellowship, in a comfortable, serene camp. The festival has played host to ordinations, initiations, and celebrations for many years, and we look forward to continuing this proud tradition through this year’s theme: New Beginnings, even as we embark on yet another new beginning of virtual festivaling.

A Culture of Consent

Three Cranes Grove, ADF works within a culture of consent at all of our events.  All attendees will be required to agree to our Code of Conduct during the registration process.   There are also additional expectations for presenters, ritualists, and organizers within the policy. Additionally, a workshop on Consent Culture will be offered during the festival.  All are encouraged to attend.

Header image: “SF08 273 (Clifton Gorge Fall ’08)” by Leslie via Flickr. License: CC BY-NC 2.0.