Beyond “Yes Means Yes:” Building a Culture of Consent

Multiple hands rest against the trunk of a tree

Date: August 15, 2020 2:30 pm

While many of us have studied and worked to implement a solid “yes means yes” attitude when it comes to consent, we often don’t know how to implement the new attitude and understanding into a change in culture. This workshop is designed for folx who are ready to move onto the next stage and truly apply the idea of consent to their daily lives, including implementing consent as part of a family and a church community. Join us for a workshop full of resources, examples, and plenty of room for discussion. We hope you will take away at least one new practice and a host of new perspectives from this presentation. Notes and a full bibliography will be shared with attendees.

Revs. Missy and William Ashton have been ADF members for over a decade, serving the northern Front Range community in Colorado as members of Mountain Ancestors Grove. Rev. Missy is also an Initiate and Master Bard. They have both extensively studied social justice issues and consent as part of a greater focus on ethics and virtue from a polytheist perspective.

This workshop, part of the broader Summerland Festival, is free and open to the public, but in order to maintain online security it does require registration — go here to register for “Beyond ‘Yes Means Yes.’”

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Team building at RGB Parkour Tour back in 2014” by Shane Rounce on Unsplash